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Looking for the rare subculture of people known as "Anime lovers" XD

Good Evening everyone!!

My name is Abu-Bakr and I am a 17 almost 18 year old male from the UK. I have been a fan of anime since 2013 which was first introduced to me through the form of Persona 3. However unfortunately Anime isn't popular from the area where im from and none of my college friends like it which sucks a lot. Anyone who is going through the same thing will understand the pain of wanting to vent out your opinions on the endings of certain anime (looking at you Umineko...)

ANYWAYS i have since seen amazing anime such as:

Little Busters
Golden Time
Ano Hana
Ao Haru
Boku wa Tomodachi
Uta No prince sama
Brothers conflict
Shokugeki no soma
Steins gate
Sword art Online
K Return of kings
Prision school

and many many more

The good thing about myself is that i have seen a variety of anime from different Genres and enjoyed the hell out of them all which means that i might be able to socialise with various different people regardless of what genre you like since i like most if not all anime genres.

So if you see any anime you have seen and want to talk about them or if you want to recommend any similar ones to me then comment below and ill reply back as soon as i can.

P.S im new to this site so i have literally no idea how this works.

Oh well, i look forwards to any replies
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