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Looking for new friends!

Hello there and sorry in advance for my bad english. (I'm looking at you grammar natzi!)
My name is Cosmin, I'm from Romania, and I've recently started watching anime, this year to be more precisely!
I'm a cheerfull guy and love to play games and watch anime, evn though I'm kind of addicted to anime and can't stop to just one episode.
I have about 40+ anime series that I have watched just this year and 100+ more to come.
I love short series (12-25 ep) and I'm open to new ones! Romantic, comedy, Sci-Fi, weird etc.
Ok, so I'm not the best in finding my words, but you have too know my top 5 anime:

1. Sword Art Online
2. One Punch Man
3. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
4. The world only God knows
5. High School DxD

Well I'm more talkative in privat, so message me on mail, adam.cosmin@gmail.com, and we can exchange informations and opinions about anime!

Oh, and my MAL list is here: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/CeSaMananc

Have a great day!
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