LOOKING FOR WEEB FRIENDS (near me if possible) T____T

Hi guys, I wan to make weeb friend cuz I don’t really have a lot. If you live in Quebec or near it it’ll be so perfect cuz I wanna meet up if you want. 👉🏻👈🏻 i live near Montreal btw 😅
Im a girl, 19 y/o, I like all type of anime, shonen, shoujo, horror, Yaoi, yuri etc. I also like kpop and kdrama. My fav groups are red velvet, BTS(yoongi is my bias hehe), mamamoo, and I recently started to listen to straykids and I really like it.
My fav anime are attack on titan, bleach, FMAB, a silent voice, k-on, naruto, another, and a loooot more omggg😩
I really like reading manhwa especially Bl 😂 so you can ask me if you want some recommendations ahahah
Oh and I’m a Pisces if you’d like to know ahahaha ♓️
I just uploaded this app so I don’t really know how it works yikes also I’m kinda shy at first so don’t hesitate to start the convo plz 😭
My English is not the best so sorry if I made mistakes 😓
You can add me on instagram 👉🏻 houdayixing

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My name is Kevin 16 years old a Anime lover from India. Started to watch anime from this year. I would love to talk about anime, games etc.

Even though I started watching anime this year there are some anime that I really loved
Tokyo Ghoul
Deadman Wonderland (even finished the manga)
Attack on Titan
Death parade
Devil's Line

If you like we can chat on Discord
My Discord name: Aracnic#6687
Hope we all become very good friends 🤠🤠.
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Looking for friends to watch anime with


My name is Clément and I'm a guy from France. 

I'd love to meet people to watch anime and talk about it afterwards. I love almost all kind of anime, I'm not a big fan of horror but can watch it if the anime is strongly recommended. 

I have a very strong French accent so if you want to talk, you'll have to get used to it.

Here's my 10 favorites anime (roughly): Attack on Titan, Steins;Gate, My Hero Academia, Code Geass, Your Lie in April, RE:Zero, Vinland Saga, Violet Evergarden, Haikyuu, Kaguya-Sama: Love is War.

You can add me on discord if you want to talk: Unsta#4707

PS: I'm a bit shy so don't hesitate to start the conversation. 

Looking for online friends 🤭

💙Kia Ora (means hello in New Zealand)  everyone! My name is Sapphire. I'm 18 years old. I'm women. My zodiac sign is Libra ♎, it will tell you all about me. I love to be friends with from all different types country so don't be shy. 

My Hobbies  Are :I LOVE ANIME!, playing games, editing videos, art, making people laugh, I'm charming, reading manga, read people minds and body language, lie detector, I loves to help someone who wants to talk about their problem and I always be by my family and friends side ups and downs. 

❤️ Don't worry I never judge people , just be yourself❤️

My Discord is CharmingSaffy#0286 

Can't wait to chat with you hehe

Note: My wifi is so shit right now so, I can't play games with you guys. But I will tell you when that wifi is okay 😁 we still can chat.

Well, bye and stay safe 🥺✨



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looking for new friends :)

Hey y'all!
My name is Anna, I'm 19 years old, currently living in Germany and (obviously) looking for new friends.
I just started university in a new city and due to Corona, never got the chance to meet new people. So I hope I can find some online! I would describe myself as a pretty calm and reluctant person, mostly sitting in my bed watching anime, playing video games or reading books. At first, I propably come across as shy, but the better I get to know someone, the more I open up.

My favourite anime are Haikyuu, Death Parade, A Place Further Than The Universe (definitely underrated!!!), Attack on Titan and  A Promised Neverland.

I am currently watching Monster (amazing show!) and Kill la Kill.

My discord is: nnbrs#6518 but I have honestly no clue how discord really works, haha. 

Please don't be shy and hit me up, I am always down to talk to one or more people   about anything really, doesn't matter if it's anime, games or something completly random. We could also play online-multiplayer games, like Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Among us or anything you want. 

I hope to meet some of you soon, bye bye :).

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looking for potential friends !

salutations, everyone ! norm here !

i made a post on this thread before under the username roosterjpg, but i ended up forgetting my password when i attempted to log in not too long ago, so i had to create a new post on a new account. 

on the other hand, i am creating this post in search for potential friends ! i've been bored out of my mind recently and i really just need some people to talk to, so i decided to make this post in order to do so ! however, please keep in mind that i am a minor and i'm not really fond of the idea of talking with anyone over the age of seventeen.

with that out of the way, here are some things about me ! while i am still new to anime, some of my favorites include MP100, ID: Invaded, Banana Fish, and Tsuritama ! however, i do like playing video games such as Danganronpa, Among Us, No Man's Sky, and Genshin Impact ! i too enjoy writing and creating characters, so i hope you don't mind if i pitch you some of my character or prompt ideas now and again. and some of my favorite music includes jazz, lo-fi, japanese indie rock, and the OSTs of various video games and shows.

as to include this post, i'm afraid that i'm a bit of an introvert and shy and it is extremely difficult for me to carry out a conversation, but i'll try my best.

well, i hope to see you all around ! i promise i don't bite. if you're intrested in talking, feel free to message me directly on my discord or insta :))



Looking for online weebs friends

Hi, my name is Pedro, I am 18 years old male, and I'm looking for online friends since I kinda lack online friends.

My favourite anime are:

— Steins;Gate

— Love is war

— Attack on Titan

— Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

— My Hero Academia

My anilist/MAL user is: PedroC24586 

I also read some manga.

My hobbies are: watching anime, playing video games and coding.

I mostly code in C# but I also know C, PHP, HTML, Javascript and a bit of css.

I am learning Japanese, so if you want to become Japanese learning buddies hmu.


I'm shy so I kinda don't know how to start conversations, but I'll try to.

I play games like Minecraft and Among us rn, I might even try out Genshin Impact if someone plays with me.

Anyways, here's my Discord: PedroC24586#2971, hmu

Looking for weebs to talk to...

So, I'm teenage weeb from Europe (female btw). I just LOVE anime and manga and all that kind of stuff. I'm looking for people who I can talk to about weeb stuff. All kinds of animes and mangas are my thing, also if we have somethin similar I can talk about that too (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

 I'm pretty insecure (so I won't be the one to start the converstation) but i'm still not shy. If we get the converstation going on i'm pretty talkative. Also you can talk to me about other stuff like your personal life too.

I like almost every genre of anime and manga but i'm not that into horror. Here are most of the animes that I have watched. Pretty much only them that I consider good. 

Haikyuu!!, Hunter x hunter, My hero academia, Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, Demon slayer, Toilet-bound hanako-kun, Attack on titan, Assasination classroom, Asterisk war, Darling in the franxx, Kaguya-sama: love is war, Wotakoi: love is hard for otaku, Your lie in April, Fairy tail, One punch man, Violet Evergarden, Seven deadly sins, Soul eater, Bungou stray dogs, Food wars, Yona of the dawn, Noragami, Maid sama!, Sword art online, Kamisama kiss, Wolf girl & black prince, Tokyo ghoul, Kabaneri of the iron fortress, Orange, Snow white with the red hair, Sounds of life, My little monster, Fruits basket, Danganronpa, Toradora, Beyond the boundary, The promised neverland, From me to you, Saiki k, Blue sping ride, Teasing master takagi-san and Erased

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Looking For Some Weeb Friends Near Me!!


I'm currently looking for some weeb friends that I can talk to about weeb things with and go to cons with. I would preferably like someone who lives in California. I'm currently 17 but will be 18 within the month.

I watch all kinds of anime, mainstream and underrated. And I also ready manga and Manhwa's of all kinds.

I draw anime (but I'm not very good...yet)

I don't really play video games but I'm open to it if your interested.

I'm shy and a huge introvert but I really want some anime friend that I can talk to.

I'm planning to go to the 2022 Anime Expo and want to go with someone (It's going to be my first time). 

Anyway, hit me up if you wanna be friends. 🤗🤗 

Instagram: yaoi.evermore 

SnapChat: icyhot_fanatic


Hi there I met some otaku in my time but none of them share the love I have for one piece since it my favorite I watch ton of different anime shows too like twin star Exorcists, overlord, Raising of the shield hero, yu yu hakusho I’m 28 years old that loves video games has a ps4 I go by the name Animewarrior141