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Make Anime-loving Friends! [entries|friends|calendar]
Anime Friends!

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Looking for some anime buddies! [18 Jun 2018|07:51pm]

Hey everyone, Alex here. I’m 17 and male and well...love to discuss anime. Looking for people to rant or share similar ideas too or just talk about a show. Some of my favorites like my hero academia, darling in the franxx, Seven deadly sins, black clover, food wars, aquarion evol, etc..... My discord is Captain#8840
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Looking for friends to talk about anime! [16 Jun 2018|01:00pm]


Hi everyone, the name is Sonder and I am a 25 year old male from the Netherlands. I have been watching anime for quite a few years now and I really enjoy it! That being said, I never really got around in finding friends who also like anime and I hope to change that. 

I am looking for people around my age who would like to talk with me about anime, so if you are interested, don’t be afraid to contact me! (preferable first here on Livejournal)

I don’t have any particular taste in anime, if I enjoy it then I enjoy it. Still, here is a small list of some of my favourite animes: Durarara, Noragami, Gangsta, Fairy Tail, The monogatari series, Steins gate, Death note, Darker than black, Full metal alchemist, Soul eater, Kiznaiver and the list just goes on. 

Like I said, I have been watching anime for quite a while now, so there is many more I can list, but I will leave those for later ^^;

Other noteworthy things:

- I have a small collection of manga for shows that I really like or because the anime got discontinued and I really wanted to know how the story ended.

- I like almost every type of music style. Rock, EDM, jazz, classical, you name it and I probably listen to it. Though I prefer more calm and ambient type music, because I work a lot behind the computer. My guilty pleasure is electro swing, I don’t know why, but it just gives me energy XD.

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Looking for friends to discuss/talk [20 May 2018|11:10am]

Hi! No idea, if this is still running. Looking for people (preferable in my age!) to discuss animes/mangas with. Please note that I'm not looking for a relationship, just friends.

I'm 26 years old, female, from Switzerland

Some of my favorite Animes/Mangas are: Natsume Yuujinchou, Mushishi, Honey and Clover, Death Note, Durarara, Pandora Hearts (Manga is better though), Chihayafuru, Shigatsu wa Kimi no uso, Zankyou no terror, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Fruits Basket, Karneval, Barakamon, Ore Monogatari, 91 Days, Angel Beats

I ship malexmale characters, just so you know. Not being an unrealistically girl about it though.

These ones are not my favorite, but I know them: Detective Conan, Shounen Maid, Ouran High School Host Club, Yami no matsuei, Bungou Stray Dogs, Joker Game, Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Prince of Tennis (love the Musicals!); Mermaid Melody PPP, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Kuroshitsuji, Kuroko no Basket, Noragami, Orange, Osomatsu-san, Tokyo Ghoul (more or less); Yuri on Ice, Elfen Lied, Darker Than Black, 3-gatsu no lion (more or less), Tokyo Mew Mew

Those two, I have a love-hate thing going on: Mirai Nikki and Shingeki no Kyojin

Movies/TV Shows I like: Inception, Freedom Writers, Criminal Minds, Greatest Showman, Big Time Rush, Charmed, Bones, Now You see me, Princess Mononoke (Ghibli), Jackie Chan movies generally, Sophie Scholl, Misery, Cloud Atlas, 21, Chronicle, RED, Rise of the Guardians, Mrs Doubtfire, Charles Dickens movies, Picture od Dorian Gray, Imitation Game, Kill Your Darlings, Sherlock Holmes movies, many Will Smith Movies, and many Marvel movies (only the movies, NOT the comics!!)

Music: All kind of music styles (from classical to hardcore) and all kind of languages, but I'm currently listening mostly to english, celtic and japanese music.

Please contact me through Livejournal first, and then we can discuss how to write each other. :)

Very important, as I've had this problem several times now: Pleas do NOT insult my taste. I like what I like and I have no intention to excuse them
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Looking For Friendos to watch Anime ^-^ [19 May 2018|02:53am]


Heyo, I'm just a person that is terrible at watching movies/shows without someone there to share the excitement with. So I'm super new to anime, currently super into My Hero Academia and have watched it four times *-*

Generally watch things on Rabbit while chilling in Discord preferably, but it doesn't matter ^-^ 

I'm down to watch anything with anyone to be honest, I'm just excited to be getting into anime and stuff finally ^-^

My discord is Vent#9122 if you want to give me a poke~

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Hey there [16 May 2018|05:49am]

Hi everyone i am a 24 year male from the UK and love to watch anime my passion for anime started in the generic way growing up i loved pokemon, yugioh and more as i reached around 16 i discovered studio ghibli and became maybe a little too obsessed my personal favourite anime's movie has to be your name and series tokyo ghoul probably shows how wide my range is im also into music and gaming big time so if you would like to chat about anything my kik is stephenbaldwin107 if you prefer to use any other social media let me know thanks x
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Looking for anime friends! [15 May 2018|09:12pm]
Okay! Hello. I'm 19 years old female student who just loves anime. I've been watching anime for about 2 years now and well...there are no anime fans around me. No one!
I just think I really need someone to chat about anime and manga stuff. It'll be my first time trying to find anime friends so I hope I'll find someone here.
Okay um...my favourite series are for example Boku no Hero Academia, Haikyuu! and other sport anime, Mahoutsukai no Yome or Shingeki no Kyojin, Bungou Stray Dogs, Tokyo Ghoul. It's just some of them, I can't really choose because I love every anime I've seen so far.
I read some manga too, I'm currently reading SnK, Kuroshitsuji or Boku no Hero Academia. When it comes to manga I totally am a fujoshi (and I'm not ashamed). So well, I can say I'm kind of into everything.
Well if you're interested, feel free to add me on KiK: miookyoo
I belive I'll find really good friends here!
Btw. English is not my native language so sorry for my mistakes lol
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Hello [13 May 2018|06:49pm]


HI lets see trying to think how to start it lol... ok well anyways I like watching anime like i guess you can say my favorites are Fruit Baskets, Ouran High School Host Club, The Ancient Magus Bride, Kimi ni Todoke, Maid Sama,  Skip Beat, and Noragami well there are more I like but I also like to read manga and play video games.  O yea forgot to introduce my self i'm am 16 and a female. Hope we can be friends. Looking forward to making friends and meeting new people. 

If wanna chat :

kik: magicgirl 19  

but yea if you guys wanna chat and become friends thats my kik lol im wierd lol

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Looking for some Anime friends [08 May 2018|09:09pm]


I don't know if this page is active anymore (Im new on LiveJournal) but i will just give it a try. Hi im Tofloe, im 14 years old from Belgium. I like videogames and Anime. I sometimes like to read some Manga aswell, but not too much. Recently i decided to give up on my group of friends. I did this because they all started doing bad stuff like smoking, making problems at school and other bad things. After i left the group i just felt alone. I still feel alone now but in a different way. I have nobody to talk to when school is over. I recently started to get into Anime and Manga. I really enjoy this and will continue doing this. But after finishing a couple of Animes i wanted to talk to someone about them. But i don't have anyone to talk to. My mom doesn't know about me liking Anime and stuff, so i can't talk to her either. I don't think she will accept me liking Anime and Japan in general. So that's why i decided to give this a try. I don't really have anything you can find me on. I guess i can give my Discord code, here it is Tofloe#2242 . Feel free to add me, would mean alot to me. Thanks! :D

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♡Goth, time and other loveliest♡ | Part I (maybe) [04 May 2018|10:36am]

[ mood | rushed ]

Henlo~ I can suppose without big mistake that some people like dark styled anime, I am also a lover of aesthetics, amd a mix of both in one is just heaven for me, lately I have no Wi-Fi nor time to watch anime because university but I keep the memories of some dark themed anime or a mysterious girl that has such presence as to consider in this short post. Also might list some that I plan to watch sooner I can~ I really really recommend to watch those anime if you like the style *^*
Disclaimer: Any wording here is just my opinion so any differences between opinions is just that x3

Death Note: A classic anime that everyone should at least, give it a try for some episodes. It was the second anime I watched since I started to watch anime online, mystery, death, a cute dark girl and a complex plot. Personally I liked it until half of it kek.
Some genres: mystery, shounen (?), psychological.

Akuma no Riddle: I really loved this anime, it was the first "yuri" I watched but it is just an ingredient more of the whole piece, the characters psychology is variated, psycho and deep. And at middle of the daily survival in that murders girls school starts a very very mush sweet love story >//< huhu~~ ehem, well the soundtrack is awesome, aesthetically great, cuteness and scary situations °-° hehe issa good option even if don't like yuri precisely but love the action and aesthetics~
Some genres: Action, romance, yuri, school, psychological

InuXBoku SS: Could classify it as a comedy anime, with a beautiful animation and aesthetics, fantasy, romance, cuteness and a high psychological factor mainly for a teenage weirdo girl as the main female character of the anime. I can relate myself with each one of her conflicts with herself, the situations where might be moody enough as to be direct with my phrases and immediately can switch and regret for a crude sincerity that might hurt someone. To deal with a strange love while have to keep a cold personality and a crazy world. Well I might keep talking about this anime but would be really long >~< oh plus has a great oppening, and less than 15 episodes uwu
Some genres: Fantasy, romance, tsunshun

Well~ I won't make it longer cuz I dunno how much people are interested in this hehe >~< myaw I sounded serious cuz I am still shy xD anyways, consider this like a top, 3,2,1. I have much more dark styled anime but I will continue with the top if I feel chu like it >~< Thanks for read until this part, I'm arriving home now lulz, have a great day lovelies~♡♡
P.S.: Sowwy for my english TuT❣

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Gosh anime fwends 💖💖 [02 May 2018|07:39pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hiyaa~ I'm new in Livejournal uwu I'm Yumemiko Mirai (Alania Vladikavkazieva) I love anime, anything cute, cats, dark music, vocaloid, history, philosophy, languages,meet people of whooole world and share a lil much of my life with nice people online ^^ I might be shy and weird too. And I'm not a girl nor a boy, I am a trap~ 🌸❣

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Good Day! [03 Apr 2018|04:38pm]


Let me begin with a, sgeeee I was really nervous and ended up debating for a few minutes on whether I should or I should not post something. I am new to this online thing…?. I normally just use the internet if it’s school or watching animes or doing some online reading. I’ve always wanted to try out making new friends. Friends that are online, or in the net. People who happen to not know how I act in society, doesn’t know what I look like, nor know how I act…(okay I’m making this sound like im creepy…) and of course people who can give me honest opinions on things we all may take interest on. Especially on animes. I’m not hard core. I’d say I haven’t watched so many animes…technically I don’t think so? I don’t play video games cause I suck at it, you literally would see me dying 5 seconds after saving me on plant vs. zombies (and only on level 1…no kidding) I haven’t read mangas…I mean I have but it’s not something I do most of the times. I’ve only really read one manga. My preferred gene for animes…well I watch any genre really (as long as it’s not hardcore ecchi or hentai.) I normally watch RomComs, Fantasy, action, and occasionally some horror, if I can find a good one. The thing I look for an anime is the plot, and most importantly the feelings and emotion of each and every character. I read a lot , I write stories sometimes---fanfiction , novels, pure literature, drabbles, and on few occasions a fanfiction of a fanfiction, and fanfiction of my own story xD--- I also draw, paint, and a little of digi art but I don’t have materials for it so I don’t exactly exercise digi art as often as traditional art. I prefer physical games or real games??? How do you call that --- than video games. Like basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, soccer/football all of which was were interest inspired by animes. And ---oh sht am I Rambling? crap I haven’t even introduced myself. Umm I’m a teenage girl. You all can call me Sinn. I’m really looking forward on making online friends!

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Looking for friends [25 Mar 2018|02:36pm]

Hello, I'm new and just giving this a shot. Reading some of the entries I feel hella old. I'm 25, male. I'm also in a wheelchair due to a snowboarding accident when i was 14. But it doesn't stop me from having fun.

I just moved to Tampa, Florida and it'd be cool to meet anyone around there that also likes anime. If you don't live there, but would like to be online friends, I wouldn't mind that either =) . Add me on kik or snapchat and send a message if you wanna chat =). my name for both is iceonfire27

Right now I'm watching Boruto, Black Clover, Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu, Fate/Extra: Last Encore, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens, Kokkoku, Killing Bites, Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan, Itou Junji: Collection, and Garo: Vanishing Line.
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Need some anime loving pals 🥑 [23 Mar 2018|06:09pm]

Hi my name is ollie
Ill keep this brief but i am 18
And from the uk ive recently rekindled my love for anime and would love to find out about new manga and anime type things whilst also making friends , i used to be very timmid but have recently found some confidence socially , would love to speak to anyone in the community about subjects we love, please dont hesitate to message and ill keep the convo going recently got into cowboy bebop , and oops wassnt so short of a bio after all.
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New to this whole thing, so... [21 Mar 2018|02:09am]


As the title suggests, I haven't really attempted to contact anyone online who might be interested in the hobbies that I enjoy. I know a lot of people who don't enjoy anime or video games, then the revelation of attempting to find people online hit me! I'm a 21 year old male who's seen way too many anime (favorite is definitely Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, but rom-coms are definitely the top genre for me) and who enjoys PC gaming quite a lot, with a bit of manga reading sprinkled in there at times (try reading Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa, the images that come from that make it worth it by themselves). I also very much enjoy the WW2 era and I have collected a few things from that time as well, including a VJ-day newspaper that's far too hilarious to read in public with people's reactions. I'm definitely open to talking about practically anything related to my hobbies, so feel free to try and contact me through my Kik, where the username says far too much about myself:


I hope to talk about all the anime with you all!

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I Tried. [11 Mar 2018|10:17pm]

Well, i'm just gonna keep this short and sweet. 

I'm a 15 year old female going onto 16 in May, from England with minimal friends. I generally love anything nerdy so; Marvel, DC, Anime, Star Wars etc etc. I also love my Memes. 

I'm completely, undoubtedly obsessed with World War 2 and The Cold war. Reinforcing how much of a nerd i am. 

Completely socially inept, with crippling social anxiety, but i should be fine over time. I can be quite blunt but don't let that deter you, i can have some great banter eventually (i hope you can cope with a dark sense of humour) I LIKE TO RAMBLE evidently seen from this whole entry, and most likely going to regret doing this. Oh well. 

I feel like this isn't very informative. 

Anyhow, if you feel up for the challenge in dealing with this mess. Contact me here: 

Kik: katmda_

Instagram: katmda 

I have other social media but i'll keep it simple for now. 

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Hey everyone [10 Mar 2018|12:09am]


I've posted here before, but my old post probably got buried in with other peoples posts so I thought I'd make a new one.

I am 21, male, and Shy,  I live in the united states, Oregon to be exact,  i dont really have many friends or anything so i guess I'm just back here again trying to find some new friends who I can get along with and that like anime as much as I do, I'd prefer my friends to be around the same age as me, so I'd say only message me if your 19 or older? Anyway I'd also like to make some friends who would actually want to talk to me and message me every now and then, most friends I make online now only message me once then leave..and it'd be cool if after a while, once I got comfortable with you if we could video chat or something too if you wanted, I mean we wouldn't have to, talking over text is perfectly okay, but sometimes I just like to see the other person so I don't feel as lonely.

Anime! imes I like range from AoT to Classics like Gargantia, I'm also a fan of OPM, Digimon, Pokemon, Bleach, wolfs rainh, Death Note, and of course, FMA, I like plenty other animes too so if your interested, just ask!

How to reach me -

Kik — TDS2.0

Skype — travishaloxbox@live.com

Telegram — @Travis1996 

Just message either one of those and I'll reply as soon as i 

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Hello there [02 Feb 2018|02:41am]
Male 18 here, really love watching anime/reading manga(currently getting through the promised neverland and oh boy its good) i live in bolivia where anime is pretty much unheard of so i have no one to talk to about it and how awesome it is, all my friends who liked it just sort of stopped or moved away, as well as my online friends.
I also love drawing, science(mostly math and theorizing) videogames(especially rpgs), RP/cosplaying every once in a while, editing videos, programming, etc, you get the drill. Im pretty much the definition of an introvert and the only sport i really do is kung-fu. Anyone who’d like to discuss how awesome a series is or just chat about other things is free to so so, im fairly new to this site so heres my skype too.
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New fellow here [26 Jan 2018|10:05pm]

[ mood | Desperate Af ]

Hey there. Another semi-otaku passing by. For the past few years, I've been struggling to find a friend or two whom I can share the same interests as I do. Online is even harder for me since the online friends I've made...well...they've dropped like dominos, the time zones don't work out, or they ignore me. I'm also dealing with a online friend that I became comfortable around but she's been in some kind of trouble so I barely get to talk to her with RP with her nowadays. It sucks because on my weekends, she's out.
So here I am, desperate trying to find new friends.
Let me introduce myself, I'm Ella, live in the US(I'm in the west coast tho), and I'm 20 years old, so yeah I'm pretty old here. But if you really know me, I'm actually an introvert, so just a warning, don't take advantage of me. Thanks in advance. And here's something that you need to know, I'm not good with crowds because they overwhelm me and make me nervous. When I make friends, I usually like to get to know people individually but two people is fine tho.
I like to draw and RP. I have an OC, who is similar to me in a way and has my name but her real name is Eloise(mainly because I couldn't think of a single name for her)
I don't have any favorites when it comes to animes but I'm pretty choosy XD

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HEY HEY [20 Jan 2018|05:57am]

Um hello uh I’m a male 16 turning 17 this March who really likes watching anime. Haven’t read a lot of manga still working on that, um I also like playing video games. So hopefully I can find really cool friends here so yeah. I’m a bit shy at first but I’ll slowly warm up promise.
Kik: Ram596iro
iMessage: Ramoku1.123@icloud.com
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