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Make Anime-loving Friends! [entries|friends|calendar]
Anime Friends!

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Looking for anime friends [11 Sep 2018|04:49pm]

Hi, my name is Leo. I'm a 26 years old guy. Not sure if people still really look at this thread but I'll try. Just looking for people with similar interests to talk with. I just moved to Florida a few months ago and have no friends here yet. If you live in or near Tampa, that'd be awesome!

I like pretty much all genre of anime except loli type anime, and not a huge fan of mecha.
My top 5 favorite anime are Danganronpa, Code Geass, Naruto, Danshi Koukosei no Nichijou, and School Rumble.

Currently watching Boku no Hero Academia, Black Clover, Asobi Asobase, Grand Blue, Baki, Backstreet Girls, Sirius the Jaegar, Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro, Persona 5, Banana Fish, Boruto, and Steins Gate 0.

I also like to play online games like Dead by Daylight, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and skribbl.io

Feel free to leave a comment and I'll give you my kik or Snapchat =)
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let's be friends ^^ [04 Oct 2017|02:38pm]

Hi! My name is Daniel, and I'm a 22 year old student. I love anime, video games, music, and touhou in general but other hobbies include cooking, art, drumming, and gamedev/programming. I've been watching anime for most of my life, some of my favorite series are Ping Pong, Evangelion, Kemono Friends, and Idolm@ster. I've seen quite a few in lots of different genres so chances are we have something in common! I'm less into manga than anime but I've still read some and my favorites are Oyasumi Punpun, Berserk, Parasyte, JoJo's, and Shokugeki no Souma.

I'm mostly posting on here because I want friends to either watch anime with, play games with (on PC or PS4), or just talk to regularly. For the most part I'm online nighttime CT but my sleep schedule can vary so hit me up even if you're not in the US!

Here are all of my accounts:
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/danwow11
PlayStation: https://my.playstation.com/danwow9
Anilist: https://anilist.co/user/zetsuboy/
Discord: zetsuboy#0287
Line: nekochef
lastfm: https://www.last.fm/user/zetsubounights

Hope to talk to you soon! ^^
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Looking to meet people with similar interests (: [16 Dec 2017|01:22pm]


Hey there my name is Salah, I'm 25 years old from Amman Jordan, and I'm looking to meet some new people to chat with. Since its really difficult to find people where I live with similar interests. I currently live in Dubai, which sounds great, honestly, I don't mind if you live across the globe! I would love to meet people from across the globe get to know different cultures.

Some of my interests include:

- Anime (Code Geass,FMA&FMAB, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Fate/Stay feanchise,  Steins;Gate, Psycho Pass, kaichou wa maid sama,One Piece, Fairy Tail etc. I can go on and on xD

- Manga (Tokyo Ghoul:re, Magi, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece. Usually i wait for the anime to be out xD

- Music almost into all type of music, which include country, rap, rnb and i also enjoy some anime openings xD

Would love to hear from you,  you can find me on:

Kik: Sxr8799

Myanimelist: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Salah311

Instagram : @sxr8799

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Im an Anime Lover!!!!!! [09 Jan 2018|11:26pm]


Hi im 17 years old boy, im in final year of high school. I just started watching anime last summer. Now i have watched 90+ anime. To be honest i love all anime i ahvev watched. My favourite type of anime is Romance and Schoollife and Fantasy( Somtimes i like to watch some drama ;-;) I like to make new friends (especially Anime lovers). I have made a server on discord , its a small community i made for my friends(who are also anime lovers) to chill and make friends. Tho right now its not very active cuz most members are students and some r shy too >/////<. Btw i hope to have more friends and want to have more time make all of my  friends and members of my community happier and more fun and can get more friends too. Here is my server link:  https://discord.gg/mykydds But hrer is notice: " We only accept members who is anime lover or feel interested in anime and also a nice person, pls dont be rude >.>"    My Discord username: Hung Lucas ^^#6980 Wish we can be friends ^^  Anime rules the world!!!!!

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Hya [05 May 2018|08:50pm]


I'm new to LJ and so I hope I'm doing this right ^^
I'm a guy who is 19, from the UK and v. gay XD I like anime a lot but thanks to some toxic friendships I find it hard to watch on my own so I'm on the look out for a watching buddy, but if you wanna be all around friends that'd be even better!
Some stuff about me: I'm crazy about frogs and chameleons, some anime series I enjoy are Noragami, Planetes, 91 Days, Tsuritama and Uchouten Kazoku.
My mal: https://myanimelist.net/profile/_Barn22

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Looking for friends [16 Aug 2018|02:59pm]


Hey everyone the names Mio, I'm 20 years old and just looking for friends. I've watched a ton of anime, way too much to even count. I've never even finished my MAL because it takes forever. But I'll list it just in case anyone wants to take a look at it https://myanimelist.net/profile/mundanethings . Anyway if anyone wants to be my friend message me! 

my skype : senpapi.kii

my discord : Mio#8283

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[30 Aug 2018|08:28pm]


I used to be a huge anime fan and after a break I've recently gotten back into anime so I'd love to talk about anime with someone. I'm 17 years old and I like playing pc games and love discovering and listening to music. As for what anime I watch here is my MAL , I prefer to speak in voice chat but I don't mind messaging at all. I also enjoy Twitch streams like Soda, and old Tyler1. So yeah just looking for someone interesting to talk to about anime.

Discord: Shiza#8636

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[20 Aug 2018|08:39pm]

dc: HiddenSqu1d

Kik HiddenSqu1d

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[20 Aug 2018|06:37pm]

Hey guys i am a 17 year old male

im looking for some friends that i can talk with about this because none of my current friends like anime


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Hi [18 Aug 2018|03:14pm]


Hello, I'm a 27 years old female and am a Japanese. I like to gather American toys and art toys, and also like cartoons such as MLP series. Now I'm studying English hard that is why I'd like to go to Comic-Con International: San Diego someday.

Of course I love Japanese animes and comics as well! At private time, I often watch animes and movies, draw illustrations, play games with my friends. I'm not used to using Livejournal yet because I may make mistakes sometimes, but I'd like to make friends here! YOROSHIKU!

Here are some of my favorite animes: STEINS;GATE, MIYAZAKI movie, Monogatari series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, PriPara, My Little Pony, Teen Titans Go! Some favorite mangas: Attack on Titan, HUNTERxHUNTER, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Some favorite video games: Persona 3, shadow of the colossus, Animal Crossing

If you have similar hobbies or are interested in Japanese culture, please leave a comment! I go to Tokyo Comic-Con every year, so if you want, let's look around there together at that time(^^)! Thank you-

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Looking For Anime Friends [13 Aug 2018|10:37am]


Hi I’m a female 16 years old. I love anime. The genre I usally watch is romance, comedy, adventure, action, musical, and others lol. I haven’t finished watching Black Butler. But I would say I have a lot of favorite anime but I will name a few Snow White with red hair, wallflower, and ouran host club. I just stared cosplaying but haven’t went to any cons yet. O yea I live in the USA and I also play video games.

Kik: magicgirl19

Discord: Shadow Queen # 9980

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17 F looking for some friends ! [09 Aug 2018|09:43pm]


hi ! im 17 and living in the usa. ive been watching anime since i was 12, and have seen around 200 shows so i probably know at least some of your favorites lmao. ill watch pretty much any genre, but im not really into meccha. my all time favorites are cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, evangelion, and psycho pass. rn im watching wotakoi, mha, sailor moon S, made in abyss and aot season 3. i also attended animeexpo for the first time this summer, and cosplayed as misa misa from death note, and asuka from evangelion. im willing to talking to anyone, id be super happy if you messaged me !! i also have read tons of manga, fav is oyasumi punpun. tho tbh mostly read is yaoi ,.,, im a pretty big fujoshi lmao but if ur not into that its okay !!! but if u r.,,, please message me !! lmao i have no fujoshi friends sadly. i like video games as well, like dangan ronpa, animal crossing and pokemon. i used to be into kpop, so if u are we can talk about that ! next summer ill be moving to japan also !

instagram: aphroditestears

discord: oy4sumi #4106

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Looking for Anime Friends! [08 Aug 2018|09:08pm]

Hello! I'm currently looking for some new anime loving friends to talk with everyday, I kinda live in the middle of nowhere so going out and making friends isn't really a option for me '^^ especially since I don't drive.

Here is a little bit about me, I am 22 years old from Oregon, I've been posting here quite a bit over the past few months because, well, I'm still trying to find a friend who meets my expectations lol, don't get me wrong, I've met some great people. But I really just need someone who has a little more time on there hands for friends, I'm looking for someone who is close to my age, talkative and isn't too busy.

I'd like to be able to also find someone who is wanting to develop a close bond, so that after a while we can do stuff like video chatting and maybe even meeting up one day to hangout.
Also I'd prefer if you lived somewhere in the U.S, so if we do decide to make meet up plans, things aren't too complicated.

If you meet all these requirements feel free to message me :D I'll be looking forward to your messages

My kik is TDS2.0

and my Discord is TheAnimeGuy#9746

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Hi [07 Aug 2018|12:14pm]

Hello, I am a thirty-year-old enby who is... a little behind on my anime, but still holds some old favourites in their heart and lives and breathes video games, who is looking for a more active f-list here on this site.

My current main interests are kingdom hearts, voltron: legendary defender, and the elder scrolls series, but there's a better (though still not all-encompasing; after all, I've been watching anime since the mid-nineties) list on my intro post.

I've been weaning myself off of tumblr's toxic community (but not really because it's still overflowing with fandom content) and trying to re-establish my home here on long-form blogging sites. I primarily post to dreamwidth, but my dreamwidth automatically crossposts over here, and I do still read my friends page for a few communities, which is why I'm trying to build up my f-list here as well.

I don't comment a lot (I'm trying to work on that, but anxiety) and I'm not a stickler for commenting, so you don't have to comment to add me or anything and are more than welcome to just be a lurker if that suits you, but I hope I can meet some like-minded people here to help keep me sane.
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Searching for Friends! [07 Aug 2018|12:03am]



Hey there! Just like most people here I'm a fan of anime and I am looking for some other people who are like minded! I'm a big fan of anime, manga, and video games! I'm a sucker for rom coms and happened to love last season's Wotakoi! Also I'm planning on watching Recovery of an MMO Junkie! Other than that I love shounen and just a little bit of everything under the sun! Including the fantastic Boku no Hero.

Other than that I really like games, mostly RPG's and anime style games. Like Kingdom Hearts, or the recently released Octopath Traveller, tons of different games. I'm sure we have some favorites in common

Anyhow that's enough about me I would love to learn more about any of you guys! I'm really new to the site so send me a pm if that is a thing here. Or add me on discord and we can talk from there!

My discord is: DeltaSwag#8270

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Intro to me [31 Jul 2018|08:25pm]

Hello, i am a huge anime/manga nerd. However, i do not kno alot of terms or classifications. I am 22 and none of my friends or assiciates will watch or read anime, so i have no body to really talk to about it so here i am open to finding a few friends whom i can do this with. I LOVE animals, gardening, nature, books ect..
Now i have or am in the process of reading and or watching the following..
Anime list

1. Naruto
2. Bleach
3. fairytale
4. Kenichi
5. SAO
6. Attack on titan
7. Tokyo ghuol
8. My hero academia
9. Magi
10. Blue exorcist
11. Black buttler
12. 7 deadly sins
13. Fullmetal alchamist
14. RWBY
15. Akamea ga kill
16. Arslan senki
17. D.Gey men
18. Yona of the dawn
19. Rosario plus vampire
20. Black clover
21. Btooom
22. The devil is a part timer
23. The ancient magus
24. Saga of tanya the evil
25. Ouran highschool host club
26. Assasination classroom
27. Kiss him not me
28. Izzeta the last witch
29. Kaze no stigma
30. Gamers!
31. First love monster?????
32. Deadman wonderland
33. Jojos bizzare adventures
34. Fate Zero
35. berzerk
36. Aquarion (evol)
37. Kakegurie (gambleing one)
38. Twin star exorcists
39. Is it wrong to catch girls in a dungeon
40. Another
41. kamigami no Asobi
42. Dance with devils
43. Princess jellyfish
44. Diabolical lovers
45. Vampire knight
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Like anime? [31 Jul 2018|12:40pm]


Of course you do, that's why you're here. But do you like having friends? I sure do, and if you do too, then we should get along. 

I'm Nex, I'm 18 and I'm looking for some new friends who are interested in watching some anime together with or just talking about it! I'm not very picky but I do lean more towards action shows then I do most other genres. 

Some of my favorite anime's are; Tri-gun, Ghost in shell, Hellsing Ultimate and Cowboy Bebop. Some of my favorite anime games are; Valkyria Chronicles, Steins;Gate and Katawa Shoujo. If you can relate to my pretty generic tastes and want to watch some anime then hit me up on my Discord: ʸᵒᵘ ᵏⁿᵒʷ ʷʰᵒ ⁱᵗ ⁱˢ#2377

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Looking for friends [29 Jul 2018|10:13pm]

My name is Jordyn I’m a 16 year old male I live in the US (California) and I just recently got obsessed with anime. I don’t really have many friends I can talk to and I was hopping to make some. My favorite anime’s so far have been hunter x hunter, erased (don’t know if this counts), orange, and golden time. I’m mostly into romance anime’s but I will watch anything if it’s interesting. I would really like to make some friends which I can talk to about anything! Also my dream is to move to japan at some point in my life.
My instagram is Martinez.jordyn
My discord is #1152
And my Kik is venomjordyn
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Looking for new faces! [28 Jul 2018|01:46am]

I'm 19 years old long-time female otaku from Europe (Finland). I enjoy doing simple things like walking in a forest, reading or studying quietly in my room. I've also cosplayed for some years now. I'm a really big history nerd who likes basically anything related to it. I've enjoyed drawing as long as I can remember and I actually categorize myself as a cartoonist.

I'm a very cheerful person who talks a lot (But I'm a little bit awkward and quiet at first). I always try to get along with everyone so don't be scared to talk to me. I'm also someone my friends can rely on because I'm very loyal. I hardly never get angry but I'm a very sensitive crybaby (xD) even though I try not to show any negative emotions.

For anime and manga, anything goes (anything that's rated under 18 - I'm not interested in that stuff). However, most of my favourite series are shounen (and sports) but there are times when I need something softer like shoujo. I also really enjoy watching old anime series because I feel like they have much more emotions than most of new ones and the main protagonists are much more developed.
My most favourite TV genres are romance and drama (+scifi, action right behind) in general. I love childhood friend romances or one-sided love stories more than anything! That's why I watch a lot of J-drama, K-drama and C-drama as well.

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Just Looking For Anime Friends(Like Everyone Else on Here) [21 Jul 2018|05:25am]


I have tons of friends in real life yet not one of them is interested or outright refuses to get into anime. Just looking to talk to somebody about Anime in general or even videogames, etc. My favorite anime include Konosuba, Tanaka Is Always Listless, Baka and Test, Acchi Kochi, Squid Girl, Nisekoi, Shimoneta, and much much more. I actually dont't mind any genre(Yes, including Yaoi or Yuri) as long as its good.

Also into a lot of videogames like Fire Emblem, Persona, Corpse Party, Pokemon, Smash Bros, and more.

Despite all these likings I am alsovery outgoing. So you want to talk you can contact me and i can give you my Twitter, Intsagram, or Discord.(Facebook maybe)

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