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...well for manga and videogames, too xD

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Anime Friends!
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=Updated: 01/06/2012=

Are you tired of joining friends communities and the only people who post there are girls who obsess over Britney Spears? Or other friends communities where people have nothing in common with you what so ever? Feel frustrated?

Well here's a community for you, my friend. This community was made especially for the anime loving individual who wants to make more lj friends. And no, you do know have to like anime to join the community. Either it be manga or videogames, it doesn't matter.

There aren't too many. Basically, just be a decent person and you'll be all right. Though, if you are a constant problem for me and other members, you will get warning personally from me. You get up to 2, and after that, you will be banned.

1.) Be kind to each other!
Don't be a jerk! Please don't try and start fights with the other members. If you continue I will give you a warning. I'll be honest though, I don't read through all the comments you recieve from a post, but if you have a problem just email me or post a comment in my journal.

2.) No excessive cussing
There are some people in the world who don't like it, you know. I won't mind if you drop some F-bombs and whatnot, but if every other word is F*** it will result in a warning. And there ARE kids on the internet you know >>

3.) You must like either anime, manga, and/or videogames (just one will do)
These community was made especially for people who enjoy watching anime, reading manga, or playing videogames. If you like neither of the three..then you won't make many friends here, now will you? If there are members in the community who actually don't like any of the things listed, you will not be banned but it will make me wanna throw an apple at you :p

4.) PLEASE do not post anything else besides concerning friends. By this I mean do not post quizzes, how your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you, graphic requests, or anything else personal like like. Having all that is fine in your own journal, but NOT in a friends making community >> Though to be fair, you ARE allowed to advertise your own community here, but please don't make it excessively long and if you have a large picture, but it behind a lj-cut o_o;;

5.) Have fun!
This is pretty much self explanatory ^_^;

That's pretty much it. If you got this far in reading, you might as well join, eh?

If you have any questions or suggestions please send me a lj note! Don't be shy :3

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Would you like to advertise your anime/friend joining community on this page (and in exchange mine on yours as well)? Then send me (the maintainer :P) an e-mail!
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